Thursday, May 19, 2011

well, that was embarrassing!

At age 26, I still have my spaztic, awkward moments. Add diabetes into the mix, and it opens the gates for embarrassing moments you never would have thought of!

Everyone at work (okay, mostly everyone) knows I am a type 1 diabetic. After 3 years of working there, I have opened up and told people, especially when the moment presented itself for me to explain. And if they didn't know, they definitely knew after my little trip to the ER! No, that wasn't diabetes-related (I don't think), but I thought it was at the time...turns out I have vasovagal syncope.

Anyway, back to my embarrassing moment. I keep my pump in my clip--just underneath and tucked in. I'm constantly reaching up or down my shirt when I need to bolus or fiddle with it when it starts vibrating and beeping at me. And while I try to discrete about it, I am not what you would call a subtle person! Also, even though mostly everyone I work with knows I am type 1, only a few know about my insulin pump and other details.

Sometimes when I whip it out at my desk, in the "privacy" of my cube, I keep it on my lap and don't put it back in my bra. And today, I did just that...left it on my lap and continued to work. Side note: I've been really busy all week and today was no different! I had been going back and forth with buyers and design and account managers about how to word something in our ad. I was finishing up our food pages for a writer who was out sick. Trying to respond to customers on our social media sites as well as write posts for the day. All week, I have been working non-stop and feeling my brain has been a little fried, which leads to more spaztic moments.

So I left it in my lap and was clicking away on the keyboard when one of my co-workers walked by to confirm the ad we had worked on earlier was good to go. We both had an ad change for it and so forgetting that I had my pump in my lap, I got up to grab the ad change from her so I could write on it. And then my pump drops down, dangling from its wire. Ummmm, awkward.
Holding an ad change in one hand, I grabbed at my pump with the other and said something like, "Uhh that's my insulin pump and it just fell out of my bra." Her response: "Oh! Are you OK?" Me: Uhh yeah, I'm fine. I keep it in my bra and it fell out." And then I proceeded to stick it UP my shirt. This is IN the aisle. At my workplace. And why did I say the bra part out loud? In that moment, I had forgotten it was in my lap, so I blurted without thinking. I don't know why, but it all just came tumbling out all awkwardly--much like my pump!


  1. I'm sure I would've blurted it, too. :) But, hey, better to announce that your insulin pump fell out of your bra than your falsies! ;) In all seriousness, don't be embarrassed. A bra is a fine place for a pump. :)

  2. I like this line: "I don't know why, but it all just came tumbling out all awkwardly--much like my pump!"

  3. Well, if you work with people like I do, then they would just laugh with you and go on...but hey, you have to tuck it away or clip it somewhere, right? I think your bra is the perfect place! ;)

  4. Okay... that was funny! Thanks for the laugh!

  5. Very funny! Your personality is much like my daughter's and I imagine something like this taking place in her life when she is older. I like how reading your blog I get a glimpse of what it might be like for her!

    Thanks for stopping by Threethirtythree and saying hi!

  6. Doesn't every girl have random hardware falling out of her bra from time to time?

    HA HA HA hearing funny stories like these!

  7. hahah.classic. you are freaking pretty.