Sunday, May 29, 2011

bachelorette fun & old friends

So far, my 3-day weekend has been a lot of fun, though my 26-year-old body is tired. I've been proud of myself for doing some successful SWAGing, which isn't always the case. I can't explain it, but sometimes you just get that "this is right" feeling and know how much insulin to bolus, even when your pump says otherwise. And it's a good feeling when you get it right.

Yesterday, I did something I have never really done. I spent the whole day drinking. I'm not a huge drinker, but I will occasionally have a glass of wine with dinner or a couple drinks when I'm out with friends. Why was I drinking all day? Well, it was my friend's bridal shower/bachelorette party and she decided to do wine tasting. One of her bridesmaids had hired a limo so we were able to have fun and not worry about driving. Plus it's just fun to have that limo experience! We drove to Dundee where there are a LOT of wineries, and I highly recommend going to Dundee if you enjoy wine and beautiful views. :) Also, it doesn't seem like you are drinking that much, but those little samples catch up to you! After Dundee, we went back to Portland and had dinner & drinks. You would think we wouldn't want any more after all that wine, but when you drink slowly over several hours, it doesn't seem as bad. After dinner, we went to a low-key bar and played pool, then went to a karaoke bar and danced. After all the food, drinks & dancing, my night time reading was 112. Pretty good, but I knew it was too low for bedtime, especially after so much drinking. I've noticed that if I have at least 15g of carbs without bolusing, it works out for me. My morning reading was 86 so I was glad I had eaten something.

I'm excited for my friend and it was also good to see her. She is in law school in Missouri, so I haven't seen her for a couple years. And it was mostly girls I went to college with, so it was fun to see each other and reminisce. This is the stuff that makes me forget about dealing with diabetes...though I did talk to them all about it and showed them my pump. My friend's soon-to-be sis-in-law was telling me how her mom has type 2, so I told her I am type 1. Her first response was something like, "but you're so small!" as if weight and type 1 go hand in hand. I explained to her that type 1 is different...and it is true that you can become insulin resistant if you are overweight, but that's not always the case with type 2 either. Just another chance to educate people, I guess!

Our swanky limo!

The soon-to-be bride & me

One of my college roommies & me

Clinking glasses

On the way to dinner



    These pictures bring back crazy memories. I used to be 26 :)

    Great job on seizing the opportunity to educate, SWAGging like a pro, and boosting with that snack :)

  2. That is so cool. glad you had a great time. you are gorgeous!!!

  3. Thanks for the sweet comments!

  4. Looks like you had a GREAT time!! Girls nights are the best!! So glad that your blood sugars played nice overnight for you too :o)

  5. Awesome job with keeping the blood sugars in check! When I drink I always seem to end up high. :( Glad you educated someone a bit about D and that you had a blast. :)