Thursday, May 26, 2011

5 + 5 + 5 does not equal 19

I love the medical company that delivers my diabetes supplies, but every now and then, something screwy happens with my shipment. I try not to get annoyed about it because they always, always fix it and make it better, but when you're dealing with a 24/7 nuisance (diabetes, I'm talking to YOU), any little thing that goes wrong seem like a pain in the ass--especially since I had this very conversation a month ago!

Ok, so, up until this year, I was getting a 3 months supply of test strips along with stuff for my pump. I like having this little stockpile; it's comforting to have reserves. So something must have changed with my insurance because starting this year, they won't let me have a 3 months supply of test strips. They will only allow ONE month at a time, which I think is total BS. So I was very surprised when I got 5 boxes and not my usual 19, until I called them and they explained this new restriction. Bummer. Well then I told them...shouldn't I get 6 boxes then, at least? They said no problem and shipped me out another box. Well then this month rolled around and I called to confirm they were being sent out. The lady told me they weren't going out for another week and I said no, that will have been over a month and I need my test strips. No problem, she said. And I told her what had happened last time, walked her through the whole thing, and she was very understanding and said she'd send out the correct amount. Great, right? Well, no. I got my test strips fast, which was awesome, but guess what happened when I opened the package? Yup, that's right--FIVE boxes. Ugh. So I call them today and explain to this lady about what happened last time and what happened this time. I mean, I don't think it's that's simple math! 5 + 5 + 5 does NOT equal 19! I'm never rude to them though because they are always so pleasant and helpful. I told her I used to get 19 boxes for 3 months, so it doesn't make any sense to get 5 boxes for one month. I should have gotten 6, 6, then 7. After putting me on hold for a couple, she got back on and said she had no idea why they did that and she'd send me another box today and I would get my 7 in the next shipment.

Also, I really don't understand insurance companies. What is the differece whether I get a 1-month supply or a 3-month? You are going to get the money, either way. I am going to keep needing them every's not like that's going to change any time soon!


  1. UGH! I totally feel ya!!!!!

    For the first 3 years of my daughter's dx, I had to fight EVERY TIME...they were constantly sending the wrong amount of whatever!!!!

    I hope it goes better next month.

  2. I second Jules' comment. And they are paying more on postage, weird cost saving?