Friday, February 4, 2011

Doubling up the dr. appts.

Lately it feels like I've had a dr. appt (or two) every week. I'm glad I get to leave work early, but I think I would rather stay late at work every day than have to go in for all these appts! I finally established my primary...I don't know why I put it off, but at least I made a decision, and I'm glad this person is my primary dr. He's the only one who recommended I do a tilt-table test, after seeing multiple doctors and undergoing several tests...HE is the one who helped give me some kind of answer so that I could move forward. I feel confident that he is a good choice for me, and he seems to be on top of things and honest, which I appreciate.

So I met with him today to talk about some of the ongoing issues I've had. Of course it's tricky because who's to say it's not diabetes causing these symptoms? I'm sure the D has a role in all of it, but I feel that it's more than that. So after listening to me ramble about how crappy I feel and how I suspected my thyroid, he said it could be that, but my symptoms also tied into fibromyalgia. However, chronic fatigue/adrenal exhaustion also ties in closely with its similar symptoms. Of course you can't really test for ANY of these, so they just base it on your overall symptoms. Bla.

Then he suggested a basic panel...liver check, kidney check, etc. AND a B12 check. He then asked if I ever had my vitamin D checked. No and no. No dr. has ever asked me this! It seems so simple--or at least it should be. I'm curious to see what those results are, but of course there is always a waiting game.

And to top it off, I've been high all day. High blood sugars, that is. Funny how the meaning of that word is very different for people with diabetes!

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