Tuesday, February 15, 2011

communication breakdown?

I have to post about this real quick because I find it amusing. I called a certain company yesterday trying to reach a specific person. I had left this person's extension on my desk at work last Friday, and since I took the day off yesterday, I didn't have the # with me at home. I called in anyway and asked if I could find out this person's extension because I needed to talk to her about CGM stuff. The lady was very nice and said she would transfer my call, and I would be able to hear the extension while I was on hold. Fine, great, thank you. Easy, right? Wrong! After a few rings, it gives me the extension, I write it down, then get to the voicemail. It's a male voice...this is not the voice of the lady I need to talk to. I hang up, call back, speak to a different person who says she can transfer me. Back on hold, more ringing, and this time it goes to the voicemail of a woman, but NOT the woman I am looking for. I decide to leave my info anyway...this lady's voicemail says she will call me before end of day. She doesn't call.

I'm back at work this morning with the right extension. I leave her a voicemail stating that we spoke last month and I wanted to make sure I had the correct fax # so I could send her my blood sugar logs to start the CGM process. So, she calls me back and her response is something like: "Sooo, you want to know where we are in the CGM process?" OK, that may have not been her exact wording, but her basic response had nothing to do with my question and I almost felt like she thought I had asked her why I didn't have a CGM yet. Um, no. All I want to know is the fax # so I can start the process! Good Lord, I don't know why these things are so difficult sometimes. :)

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