Thursday, July 7, 2011

My sensor skills are off

Yesterday, my sensor was pretty much spot on. I love when I feel like I can rely on my sensor. But is a different story. Today my sensor was mostly off--and I mean, 100 points off. Not cool. Just now it went to over 400, which doesn't even register on the graph. And yes, I am high in real life, but not 400 high...not even 300 high! I was 287.

Why am I 287? Because I refused to believe I needed THAT much insulin for grapes... grapes! I haven't eaten them in a while and I recalled 15 grapes being 15 carbs. But with my new ratio, I wouldn't get what I used to get for 15 carbs...I'd be getting more. And for some reason, that seemed like too much to me. And there may have also been a few extra grapes popped into my mouth that I didn't account for.

Anyway, after only two days, I decide that I should switch out my sensor right now. In the meantime, my roommates are in the living room laughing and I am grumbling to myself over diabetes in my room. Being at 287? Sucks. Sensor lasting only 2 days? Double sucks. Diabetes: 2 Val: 0!

Even though I'm grumbling, I'm not too upset. I am just going to correct and move on...and remember that even though grapes seem small and harmless, they will fu*k your sugars up!


  1. Sometimes if you give the sensor a few hours it will re-calibrate itself. I find that a lot. If I wait it out things fall into line.
    and the grapes? I don't eat grapes even though I love them. They are very high in sugar. 1 grape is 1 gram of carb, not to mention some grapes are huge!! I always eat more than I bolus for. I always under bolus too. So now I try not to eat grapes cuz I always let them mess me up.

  2. I usually weigh Joe's grapes to get a carb count. He used to go low when he ate them when he was like 4 years he holds steady...but he doesn't eat them that often.

    That stinks about your sensor Valerie. I hope the new one is correlating.

  3. Ugh! It really sucks when healthy food jacks up our sugars.

    I have no experience with sensors, but I remember hearing they can be WAY off sometimes. Hope all is well now and that you can join your roomies with the laughter. :)

  4. YUCK-O that the sensor was that off! Very frustrating!!
    Funny how some foods can really mess with some people and not with others...Bean does OK with grapes. I always weigh fruit, though, to make sure she gets an accurate carb count. ;)

  5. Ahh grapes!! They don't suit Ally's BG very well either. And the sensor. I love the sensor!! And then I hate it. But mostly, I love it! Hope the new one is spot on and you can enjoy your Friday night :)

  6. I weigh grapes because those darn suckers can mess you up! Some are big, the current ones in the fridge are WAY small.

    Who knows?!

    But you have such a good attitude...correct and move on!

    Stupid grapes.