Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's gettin' REAL

This has nothing to do with diabetes, but I wanted to share this because it is awesome! For any foodie out there (or anyone in the pacific NW really) you will appreciate this video.
On a diabetes-related note, I have got to be way better about my post-dinner/nighttime readings. They suck. I admire all the D-Moms who put so much work and effort into figuring out what's going on with their kids' blood sugar levels. It's time I put the same effort into myself!
This means...more logging. More paying attention to what I'm eating and how my blood sugar levels are affected. And more exercise. It's so basic, so why does it seem so hard sometimes?


  1. Hahaha... I watched the video on the bus on my way home from work on Friday when the Seattle PI posted it. Laughed so hard- I think other people thought I was crazy, but that's not uncommon for people riding the metro. I didn't realize the Prius could be so gangster.

    I've been needing to put some effort into logging too, and I keep putting it off. Good luck!

  2. Sorry I've been out of blogland for a while, but I'm trying to get back in the groove. : )

    You need to log! Okay? Just do it!

    It's not hard and you'll pick up a pattern before you know it. And when you see your A1C, you will be doing the happy dance!

    Okay. Lecture over. : )