Wednesday, June 22, 2011

customer service makes all the difference

What's worse than having to deal with medical companies over the phone? Talking to people who sound like automated messages!

I got my monthly call today to confirm my diabetes supplies shipment. I thought I confirmed it a couple weeks ago, but I guess that one wasn't official enough. Yes, I have the same address and email. Yes, you can disclose info to my parents. Then it comes to discussing what's IN the shipment. She asked me how many boxes of lancets I have.

Me: "Oh, um, I have a lot. Maybe 10 boxes? I probably don't need any extras."

Her: "Do you switch out lancets every time you test?"

Me: "No...maybe every 2-3 times." This is a lie. I switch it out every day.

Her: "Ok, well when you do that, you're mixing old blood with new blood, so it does put you at risk for an infection."

Me: "Mmk." (Look lady, I know that. I don't need you to tell me.)

Her: How many test strips?

Me: "Oh, 2 boxes, I think." (This is a lie...I have 3. But I know how these things work. I'd rather not let on that I have extras.)

Her: "Ok, so we'll send you 5 boxes."

Me: "Wait, when I used to get a 3-month supply, I got 19. So shouldn't I be getting 6?"

Her: "Well, you shouldn't have been getting 19. You should have gotten 18."

Me: "I think they gave me an extra box to hold me over since sometimes the shipment took a week to get to me. But even still, that should be SIX boxes."

Her: "Well, I'm just going off of the amount you have left."

Me: (This is where I start to get a little annoyed) "My dr. wrote a prescription for me to get a certain amount, so I want that exact amount. I use my strips sparingly sometimes so I can have some backups, just in case."

Her: "Ok, well we'll give you 6 then." (Damn straight, you will!) "And that will go out June 27th."

Me: "Is there ANY way to send that out a little earlier? Sometimes it takes a week...and if it's over the weekend, then it takes even longer."

Her: "Well, you shouldn't be running out of any test strips." (I really didn't appreciate her tone here. Clearly, she didn't get it and didn't at least pretend to be on my side. Other people I've talked to there totally gave off the impression that they were on MY side, which I appreciate.)

Me: "Yeah, well, I just wanted to see..."

Her: "It's going out on a Monday, so hopefully you'll get it Friday."

Here's where I just give up and get off the phone. HOPEFULLY?! I have never gotten my shipment within 4 days. She even said..."expect it btwn 5-7 days." Hello?! This is why you guys USED to give me an extra box as a little buffer.

I had a feeling she was getting a little uppity with me, but I don't really care...I have a right to demand things when it comes to managing my health! I usually talk to such friendly and understanding people there, so it was strange for me to get this inflexible lady with a flat tone. I should let my mom talk to them...I swear, moms have the magic touch and make things happen a lot faster!


  1. UGH...honestly, it sounds like she has no clue. I hope everything makes it there on time. This is one of the most frustrating parts of managing "D"...the supplies. xo

  2. I had to giggle at your comment about Mom's getting things done when it comes to stuff like that :o) Sorry you had to deal with that woman...some people are totally clueless! I hope you get your supplies quickly and that everything you need and are supposed to get is there!

  3. The woman on the phone obviously does not HAVE diabetes. I freak out when I run out of supplies, even though the pharmacy is right down the road. I've had to go without things when I was first diagnosed thanks to no insurance, so I am "Honey Badger" protective of my "D" stuff (thank Reyna for the Honey Badger video a short while back...a MUST see!). At least next time you know to say "ONE BOX" of anything they ask you about, or better yet "A PARTIAL BOX", so that they don't mess around. Good luck!!!

  4. When my hubby was on pens instead od the pump, I was constantly fighting with the pharmacy for him. They wanted to give him 1 box of 5 pens for a months dn he needed at least three!!! They blamed it on the was the script was written. Ugh!!!! Now I demand 15 vials for three months and I make sure it is written very clearly!!