Thursday, April 21, 2011

switchin up sensor sites

I'm tired of the so-so readings I get with my sensor on my stomach region. Sometimes it's spot-on and other times it's way off. I don't know about you all, but my sensor seems to get itself lost at least once a day, if not more. Not sure how this happens, but it's somewhat annoying. I've been reading some posts with people having success with arm sensor sites, so I tried to do that last weekend. I reached back, found a spot, clicked, inserted do I pull this thing away now? Needless to say, I did not succeed and ended up pulling out the entire needle. Ouch!

I decided to go with somewhere more reachable and inserted it into my outer thigh. I thought, briefly, about putting it more towards the butt area, but the thought of it accidentally hitting the toilet or being anywhere near the toilet grossed me out. I can be a germaphobe sometimes, even if it's not totally logical. So I went with the outer thigh area and it's been working pretty well for me, but I'm still itching to try my arm. I told my boyfriend that I wanted to try this and that I might need his help inserting it, but that I would do most of it and it would be easy. No big deal, I said. Part of me wants to see if he'll handle this okay or if he will be uncertain and squeamish. I'm not really sure how he is with seeing needles or the thought of inserting a needle. He doesn't have to do much though...the only thing I can't manage to do is pull the inserter away. I still find that thing a little intimidating! Not the needle part, but holding down the little sensor and pulling away the long inserter that seems to have a good grip. Also, I feel like every time I take the sensor out, it's a little bent, which makes me worry that I'm not doing it right, but I don't know how I'd be doing it wrong.

Any tips for how to do an arm site? Is it even doable on your own?


  1. Hi there, I have no idea other then putting your beau to the test. Kinda neat your topic is similar to my post I just finished for tomorrow. It is related to CGM's as I'm thinking about giving them another try. I only have belly fat, a lil too much of it. Well I hope you are able to use the arms. Cheers!

  2. You make a good point. It's always been either my husband or I inserting Jack's sensor. He's never done it himself. I've never thought about that before. What if you held your arm upward in an L shape with your hand high? (Does that make sense?) Maybe you could insert it that way on the back of your arm?

    I hope your boyfriend helps you!

  3. I think you have the minimed revel like my hubby right? That sensor needle is huge! Not sure how you could do it on your own in the idea...when I first started inserting my hubby's, I set it all up, and then right before I press the button to jab in the needle, I looked away, just so I didnt see the actual thing going in. Now i am starting to get used to it. Maybe that will help him.

  4. I have REALLY been wanting to try an arm site too. I use the Medtronic also. I live alone and am too afraid to try it one handed for fear of wasting an expensive sensor. I think with the Medtronic you have to have some help. there's no way to do it one handed, not to mention getting the sticky cover on also. But I digress, I really want to do the arm site also.

  5. Wow! Thats a tough one... we have a Dexcom and I don't think it would be easy at all to put it in your own arm.

    One more thing the CGM companies need to work on.