Thursday, April 14, 2011

the magic has worn off

I didn't intend to take a little blog break, but it happened. Busy at work, busy (well, busier) social life, and diabetes has been just kind of "meh" lately. My blood sugar hasn't been that ideal...when I changed to humalog, those first few days were excellent! It was almost like my body was like...hey, new insulin, I remember you. I liked you! I'm so glad you're back! I'm going to figure out everything for Val so she doesn't have to work too hard. And then...womp, womp.

I know it sounds strange, but I seriously feel like that humalog worked some magic those first few days, and now my body recognizes it and doesn't think it's so special anymore. Also, I see my endo in a couple weeks and I fear my a1c (which has already gotten to a not so ideal #), isn't going to be any better. If it's worse, well, I may cry. I'm not really in love with my endo though, so it may be time to find a new one. Last time I went into her office, she made me feel slightly bad/guilty for having a number in the 300s. I've never been that high when I go in there, but I had stacked a couple meals and she said it didn't matter...that my blood sugar should never be that high. She also has this weird way of "joking" that I don't really find funny, like when she commented on the fact I had gained 3 lbs since the last time I saw her. Ok, lady, I don't think that's too big of a deal...doesn't your weight FLUCTUATE up to 5 lbs. a day anyway? She wasn't saying it matter-of-fact either, it was more of a "joke" with the feel of a warning behind, hey, you're gaining weight, fatty. I don't's hard to explain.

I went off on a tangent there...all I was going to say was that I think I'm going to ask for apidra when I go in next, and somehow all of that spewed out. :)

Even though my numbers aren't so hot, I have been feeling better overall, and I think that has helped improve my mood. I haven't been too mad or down about diabetes, even with those less-than-ideal numbers. BUT, after reading some other peoples' posts, I realize I have really stopped bringing my A-game. I really need to figure out why my blood sugar isn't so hot anymore...duh, less exercising, more grazing, less paying attention to the reasons for why it's this way. But ya know, I need to look at the nitty gritty details of it all. So, I have to start a food log...I really do. And I have to keep it up.

On a more positive note, I have a bunch of friends coming into town this weekend, which is a coincidence, not a planned thing! My friend's bday was yesterday so we're celebrating this weekend/having a mini reunion with our friends who are visiting. AND the best part is I'm taking a half day tomorrow and taking Monday off. Yay! I really need a mini break from work. Hopefully the weather is nice this weekend, though I don't have high hopes. said something about it being in the mid-50s and didn't show the sun coming out until next week. Hmph! AH well, I am used to it, I guess, though I think the Pacific NW has been crummier than usual lately and I can't wait for summer to get here.

Happy almost weekend, everyone!


  1. Have fun with your friends Val! And...switch endos!!! UGH...on the 300s and the 3 #s...she sounds like she doesn't "get" "D" at all.

  2. No kidding about the weather here in the is by far colder and wetter then usual. I am ready for some sun and warmth!
    Good luck with Apidra, we tried it for a couple months (for my son) and I think it was great. Seemed to get less of a spike and highs came down faster. Granted I accidently grabbed Novolog when I needed a new vial and we have gotten great numbers with that too. Maybe you are on to something with the body liking the switch in insulin until it gets used to it again. Oh less complicated please!

  3. Grumble. Yeah this rain is killing my mood, my week, and my month. Seriously, where is the sun already?! Last year, I was out doing long runs in sunny weather in February.

    Do as I say and not as I do and change your endocrinologist. Anybody who says that you should never have a number over 300 doesn't realize that diabetes is a roller coaster that sometimes is really out of our hands and should not be allowed to practice medicine.

    Also, I'm taking tomorrow off too. Going away from Seattle the weekend. Soooo ready to relax.

  4. CHANGE YOUR ENDO! Go with your gut on this one.

    Looking ahead to Matthew's teen years...I just think it's going to be really important for him to have an endo that he bonds with.

    You need to do the same. I mean, you are a team! You need someone who will encourage and inspire you to take care of yourself.

    If they have to make you feel guilty, well....maybe that's necessary sometimes, but it shouldn't be the focus. You deserve an encouraging doctor. You really do!!

    So there! : )

  5. Yes the weather is not being nice this year. I don't remember ever longing for spring (the sunny kind) like I have this year.

    I do agree that you probably need to change endos. This is a lifelong relationship with a doc that should be your champion. She should be encouraging you to be your best and not criticizing your numbers. 3# could be anything from a different scale, a little extra salt or that time of the month causing some water retention, different time of day or (sorry if this is TMI) needing to poo. And 300s happen (just like poo) it's part of being a T1D.

    Yay for friends! I hope you have an awesome weekend. Maybe the first weekend in May we can have a meet up (I am hoping at a park so we can bring our pooch -also crossing my fingers that the sun will find it's way back by then).

  6. I hate endos like that. My hubby's is awesome. Tells him how it is and gives it to him straight but never puts him down for a few bad numbers. I think he understands that it happens sometimes and that's life....I say look for a new Endo :)