Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Diabetes Resolutions

Holy crap, you guys. IT'S A NEW YEAR! I did not blog much last year...or the year before that...or the year before that. I used to blog a lot and read all of your wonderful blogs, but then I just got tired. I got tired of diabetes taking up so much space in my life...ya know?

But I'm starting to get back into it. I've joined a couple Facebook groups and am participating in discussions. I went back on my t:slim pump after a long break. I'm even considering CGMs again. And I've realized that there are things, new things, that I've been missing out on. Like really cool technology. And let's face it, doing just enough to get by...well it isn't enough. I could be doing much better at this whole diabetes thing. My A1c has been hovering between 6.7 and 6.9, and sure—that's okay—but it's not as great as it could be.

And January is a good time for getting back on track. Especially after the months of October, November, and December. I don't know about you guys, but those are the months where things start to slip for me. It starts with Halloween candy. And that mentality of "I never/hardly eat this yummy, delicious thing, so I can have one or two or three or ten pieces." And then you do more of the eating. And more of the justifying. Until you realize that you're eating crappy, sugary food every single day.

Now maybe you think you can eat whatever you want because you have an insulin pump. But that's now how I operate. Regardless of blood sugars, my body doesn't feel good when I do that. And I don't want to keep correcting. That's not the right approach—at least not for me.

So, it starts with the Halloween candy...and then Thanksgiving...and then it's like you have an endless supply of candy, cookies, cake, and other desserts in your house ALL THE TIME. You don't even know where it came from! It's just there.

I'm not saying to follow a rigid diet and not treat yourself. But if there's a lot of chocolate and baked goods around, I'm going to have a hard time not cramming them all into my mouth. And when I start the cycle of allowing and justifying foods I don't normally eat, then I slip in other ways, too. Like I start eyeballing my snacks and eating chips out of the bag without really counting them. All of this adds up. And it's really easy to let it all get out of control before you even know what's happening.

It's a slippery slope. At least for me.

So this month, I resolve to get back on track. And to keep track. I'll eat healthier and plan more meals. I'll pay attention to what I'm putting into my system and how it makes me feel. I'll be more involved with my diabetes care. And I'll practice more self-care.

What are your diabetes resolutions this year?

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  1. I was surprised when I saw the comment on my blog. I'm so glad to see a post from you!
    It sounds like you're doing great. good for you for getting back on the pump but I'll never go back there.
    Hope to read some more stories again from you!